Ohio House Speaker Batchelder announces House Committees

Governor John Kasich, who won his first statewide campaign two years ago and is gearing up for his reelection in 2014, has enjoyed the fair political trade winds that a Republican led legislature can blow his way, which stands in stark contrast to Washington politics, where Republicans have decided to be uncooperative with President Obama, as we saw during his first term and promises to continue over the next four years.

The 130th General Assembly started work in Columbus last week on the next biennium (2013 2014). Republicans control 60 of the 99 seats in the House, so they can pass anything they want at any time without worry from Democrats, who will be resigned to looking, watching and voting no.

In the Ohio Senate, where Democrats who occupy only 10 out of 33 seats will be equally impotent to stop any bill the Rules Committee puts on the floor, new Senate President Keith Faber, who has shown he isn’t afraid to rattle the cage,
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With Friday’s announcement by Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder of the lower chamber’s new committee structure, which a media release said emphasis the House’s legislative priorities for the next two years.

"The restructured committees will focus our efforts on the legislative priorities of the House over the next two years," Speaker Batchelder said in prepared remarks.

"Issues such as economic development and the budget will continue to be a major part of our work here in the House, but we will also be tackling many other important issues as well. I’m confident that the chairs and vice chairs will lead their committees proficiently and guide the passage of legislation that will benefit all Ohioans."

The 17 House committees and the members who will lead each committee:

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Chair: Rep. Dave Hall (R Millersburg)

Vice chair: Rep,
nike free run hiking. Andy Thompson (R Marietta)

Commerce, Labor and Technology

Chair: Rep. Ron Young (R Leroy Township)

Vice chair: Rep,
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Economic Development and Regulatory Reform

Chair: Rep. Nan Baker (R Westlake)

Vice chair: Rep. Lou Terhar (R Cincinnati)

Agriculture and Development (Chair: Rep. Tim Derickson, R Hanover Township)Primary and Secondary Education (Chair: Rep. Bill Hayes, R Harrison Township)Health and Human Services (Chair: Rep. Anne Gonzales, R Westerville)

2 The restructured House Judiciary Committee is a combination of the Judiciary Committee and the Criminal Justice Committee of the 129th General Assembly.

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